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Maria Montell / Vocals

Thomas Clausen / Rhodes and piano

Mikkel Nordsø / Guitar

Afonso Corréa / Drums and percussion

Fernando de Marco / Bass



Dan Hemmer / Organ

Benjamin Koppel / Soprano - Alto Sax

Jørgen Lang / Harmonica

Morten Grønvad / Vibraphone

Jan zum Voerde / Alto flutes

Per Jakobsen / French horn

Jacob Andersen / Percussion

Hans Ulrich / Tenor sax

Christina Birksø / Choir

Sten Nikolaj Hansen / Basun

Thomas Kjærgaard / Trombone - Trompet


String arrangements by Wolfgang Käfer with

Prague Philharmonica Orchestra


Recorded in Prague by Hans Nielsen September 2004 with Wolfgang Käfer


Rhythm arrangements by Thomas Clausen


Recorded at Focus Studio, week 33 - 2004 by Hans Nielsen


Mixed at Focus Studio by Hans Nielsen with Wolfgang, Thomas and Maria


Mastered by Freddy Albrektsen, Sun Studio


Produced by Maria Montell and Thomas Clausen

Bestil Bossa For My Baby

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Bossa For My Baby

I recorded this album live and one take in Copenhagen (Focus Studio owned by late Hans Nielsen) in the middle of august 2004. I was 8 months pregnant with my first child Villum. Thomas Clausen, Wolfgang Käfer and Hans Nielsen and I went to Prague to record the Prague Philharmonica Orchestra just 2 weeks before I gave birth. I remember I thought it was a peace of cake to mix the album afterwards (I recall the picture of my breastfeeding bra on the radiator in the control room of the studio and a little baby in my arms) I released the album right away and touring around Denmark with the Bossa For My Baby band. I think it’s a first time moms thoughts “I am a superwoman and a natural multitasker” Really? When I look back I could have waited a while, but in a way it’s also fantastic memories of a unique time in my life. The good thing was that my little baby Villum fell asleep immediately when he heard the smooth Bossa Nova and his moms voice.


“I grew up with Bossa Nova and the tunes of Antonio Carlos Jobim. It has been my wish and dream to do this album with my original songs mixed with Jobim”


In my career as a pop sing song writer I never really had an A&R, but I always came up with the sound and songs, that I was into for the time being.This album was my first NOT pop album, and my new record company was really in away disappointed when they heard what I had done….

They told me, that it was not the four coloured album, that they expected I would have done. I decided to release the album myself on my own label “Bossa For My Baby” and made a distribution agreement through SonyBMG.

More work for me, at that time….Myself I’m so proud of this album and so humble to have all these fantastic and legendary musicians on it.


Especially Thomas Clausen my darling friend and pianist and composer, he did some really wonderful and unique arrangements and he is also the backbone of the album (In my book he is one of danish jazz now alive legends and talented genious)


Thomas has been recording and touring in Brazil and has a great love and admiration for Brazilian music and Bossa Nova like me. It brought us together and I´m so grateful for that.


We or mostly Thomas put the band together. I decided, that Wolfgang Käfer was the one to do the string arrangements, because he is so romantic and has a great taste and a good ear for pop. A good combination with Thomas and Wolfgang I think. Wolfgang and I also worked together when I wrote an album for Dorthe Kollo.


I would like to thank Nordsø Records Henrik Damm Krogh and No.1 to push me a little to make this vinyl 2022 with a new fresh me on the front cover.


I dedicate this album to my 3 kids Villum, Smilla and Lilly.

Bossa for my Babies

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